Representation That Puts You First

Representation That Puts You First


Scout Real Estate Co. primarily specializes in the Acadiana market of commercial real estate. Each commercial real estate broker on our team understands access, zoning and the many intricacies of commercial properties. Combine this expertise with our in-depth knowledge and keen market insight, you'll understand why we're viewed as a trusted source of knowledge and opportunity here in Acadiana

Our Lafayette, LA commercial property brokers bring buyers and sellers together every day:

Buyers: If you're a buyer, you want the best representation, best deal, best location and best price. Through our experience and process, our commercial real estate broker helps investors find the deals and reach their financial goals.

Sellers: As a seller, you want someone with the most reach who can find you a buyer. You want to be represented by a commercial property broker with the same passion you have for your property and the experience to close the deal.

Why hire a professional real estate broker?

As a property investor, you might be tempted to handle everything yourself. But working with an experienced commercial real estate broker is essential to getting the most out of your investment properties in Lafayette, LA. Some benefits of hiring a broker include:

  • Access to expert contract advice
  • Access to market trend knowledge
  • Access to an experienced negotiator
  • Less time and effort spent managing your property

If you're looking for a professional commercial real estate broker in Lafayette, LA, Scout Real Estate Co. is at your service. Call one of our offices to get started with our team today.