Lafayette’s Newest Hotspots: Jersey Mike’s and Jet Coffee on the Corner of Ambassador Caffery and Kaliste Saloom Rd.

Hey Lafayette, get ready to savor the flavor revolution because Jersey Mike’s is back for round two, and Jet Coffee is hitting the scene with another location—all thanks to the unstoppable collaboration of Jeff Landry and Scout Real Estate Co.

That’s right, Lafayette! Jersey Mike’s is making a triumphant return, bringing their mouthwatering subs and unbeatable vibes to our streets once again. It’s a taste of nostalgia mixed with a dash of excitement as we welcome back this beloved eatery for another round of culinary bliss.

But that’s not all—Jet Coffee is stepping up their game with yet another location in the area. With their artisanal brews and cozy atmosphere, they’re ready to become your go-to spot for all things caffeinated and delicious. Lafayette, get ready to experience coffee culture at its finest!

And let’s not forget the masterminds behind it all: Jeff Landry and the incredible team at Scout Real Estate Co. With their expertise and vision, they’ve transformed Lafayette’s culinary landscape, one lease at a time.

With Jersey Mike’s making a triumphant return and Jet Coffee expanding its reach, Lafayette’s foodie scene is hotter than ever. It’s not just about dining out—it’s about creating memories, fostering community, and celebrating the flavors that make Lafayette unique.

So, grab your friends, your appetite, and your caffeine cravings because Jersey Mike’s are taking Lafayette by storm. Here’s to good eats, great coffee, and even better vibes—cheers to Lafayette’s newest hotspots!